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Goop Puncture Preventative is manufactured in a modern state of the art factory in the United Kingdom, which carries out contract blending /mixing / packing for many diverse companies involved in many different industries, such as Pharmaceutical, Medicinal, Agricultural, Industrial etc.etc.

Goop is manufactured by blending the following ingredients in exact controlled proportionate amounts, together with water at different stages; the use of heat and rapid cooling during the computer controlled blending process is also employed:  Recycled finely ground rubber particles / Propylene Glycol / Bentonite Powder / Hydrocolloid / Hydroxyethnyl Cellulose / Binders etc. (Plus one other closely guarded ingredient)

This controlled manufacturing process ensures that each batch of Goop that is produced is always identical in physical makeup to any previously produced batch, thereby giving total product consistency, time after time and total confidence for the end user.

The factory production systems are accredited to:

BS/EN 9001:2008

GMP Standards (Good Manufacturing Practice Accreditation)

Royal Pharmaceutical Society of Great Britain, Category “A” Registration

They have capabilities for Blending, Emulsification, Dispersions, Bottling, Packing, and storage


Liquid Blenders / Stainless Steel, Agitated & High Shear (50-60,000 Litres)

High Speed   Disperser Mixers (150-1,000 Litres)

Glass Lined Agitation (1,000-2,500 Litres)

Dispax Reactor (The Dispax Reactor is a high shear, three stage dispersing machine for the production of micro-emulsions and very fine suspensions.)

Stainless Steel Ribbon Blenders (50-3,000Litres)

Stainless Steel Ploughshare Mixer (500KG)

Stainless Steel Rotary cone Blender (100KG)

Stainless Steel volumetric Fillers

Drum and IBC Filler

Tanker loading Facilities

The factory also has storage facilities for 3,000 racked loaded pallets, and can store up to 100,000 litres of bulk liquid and 100 metric tonnes of bulk powders

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